a job

They'd found a roadhouse that was in dire need of help. At least they'd have room and board that way.

Johanna would be the chamber and beer maid and since Anthony had some experience in the kitchen, well, he was possibly the number one bottle washer and cook when needed.

"I dunno, will I get my hands dirty?" Johanna was none to pleased to see that Anthony would have to wear an apron, either.

"We've got to eat, hadn't we?" Anthony could very well buck up to that sort of work. It wasn't that awful.

"But you're a world traveler," Johanna reminded him.

"A world traveler who's a jack of all trades, sweetness," Anthony perked up one eyebrow to his darling that she'd better hush and get with the program.

"But I've never made a bed before?" It was true. She really hadn't had to do much in her simple life but be a caged bird for the most part.

"You'll catch on quick," Anthony promised. She'd see, even if the hard work existed, at least they had each other.

"We'll have our own room." Anthony told her even if was under the kitchen. "Its a start?"


UmassSlytherin said...

excellent updates, Ivy! I love this story so much, especially the parts with the letters, it is so well done! I can't wait for more!!! so sweet and romantic! :)

ellie said...

Poor Johanna..will she be easy to live with?

Cait said...

It'll be interesting to see what Johanna's made of.

simon n josh said...

This should be interesting..it'll test their love.

Anonymous said...

yeah greek is way better than abc family's summer shows

Anonymous said...

Thanks you too:-)♥

taffy. said...

oh johanna... i hope she's a quick learner!
and i feel badly that she has such high expectations for anthony!

autumn said...

i've never made a bed before either. wish i could learn from her? lol.