little love note

Dear Lord,

Who will I write to in these days ahead? No one? For I am starting a new life with Anthony Hope.

I must have been mad.

Well, I was in a mad house.

He makes me want to sing. I can't help myself to be drawn to him. I thought it true last night while I was in the hay with him. It was brilliant!

I was not a bore. Yet not a harlot, but he does maketh me quiver. Ah, if only I had been educated properly instead of sent to live in that horrible man's house all these years I might be a romance novelist by now.

I should not pity myself. Because I could have had a rather wretched existence in a workhouse with orphans.

Tis true, I have been blessed by my Anthony Hope. I shall never give up Hope, for I have kissed it and I shall honor it.

Just get me to a priest quick, a country preacher would do.

I feel a burning desire to be with no other. Where will this little journey take us?

I heart Anthony,



autumn said...

i just mentioned "brilliant" on first comment. lol.

hmmm. this is somewhat serious. i wonder what this story tells about. anyway, keep it going, please. =]

Darling Dears. said...

hmm..i've never heard of that. but thanks :) great blog.

Anonymous said...

cool thanx 4 checking my blog out:)

taffy. said...

i like it.

i just wish i had seen sweeney todd before i read this!
don't worry, it will happen!

Liz said...

Awwwwe, she's madly in love. How nice. :]

Cate said...

it's so nice to read this letter. like a poem, brilliant.

UmassSlytherin said...

brilliant is right!!!!! hehehehehehhe
I am giggling like a teeny bopper! I love this so much, Ivy!! :) my favorite line in this chappy is " he makes me want to sing!" reminds me of that Jesse Mc. song

"The one who's so so fly
The one to keep you high
Have you singing all night..."

so so romantic!!!!! :) can't wait for more!!!

Anonymous said...


ellie said...

aww..very unique note. I like it.