a most uncertain time

"How did the story go?" Anthony still wasn't sure if he knew all of it. Just parts of it. He knew what he wanted and he knew how to get it, but that seemed so out of the question now.

"Remember how frightened I'd been in that horrible place up above the meat pie establishment?" Johanna shivered.

"Well, that was only yesterday, you know." Anthony shrugged as they walked on from the throng.

"It was a massive blood bath," Johanna shivered more and Anthony gave her a good hug.

"Well, that's all over, we shall forget of ever being there." Of course, they hadn't a place to call their own and damn if they didn't miss their carriage to take them away from all this.

But as it had been, she'd ran out on him. He didn't make it in time to get back to Mr. Todd's. The coppers were all around.

God, he just about broke out in song when he didn't find her. It was as if all this was for nothing. How could it have been.?It was so awful. Then to find the meat pie establishment was just as well, human sacrifices.

Oh, it turned Anthony's stomach when he heard the entire ordeal. And then to walk the streets hoping to find the blond lass who was the love of his life, it was torture.

"I really was afraid you were gone for good? Next thing you'd be in the workhouse, and I'd never see you, again, luv." That he knew.

But as luck would have it, he'd passed by a carriage house just beyond the market and he thought it was time to take a rest since there was no way he felt like eating or the like. And...

"Aren't you glad I manage to wait at the stables. It was just a hunch, you know, and who would find me? You." Now it was a sigh of relief.

"A lady in waiting, at a stable," Anthony grinned then not having a clue how far they'd walked from the city, nor where they might be going. "And I took it, you the posh type, you know. It was rather refreshing."

"You almost fainted." Johanna pushed her hand into his as if they were meant to be. And they were, weren't they? They'd left all that bloody London stuff behind them. Hadn't they?

"As if I had time to eat with so much to do to make way for our great escape?"

"And where was it, we'd be now?"

"Puking our guts out, I suspect on a ship destined for America."

"Or Spain, some old place where we could grow old, don't you think?" She smiled, dreaming a dream to avoid being fatigued.

"But we must marry first? Before its too late."

"Of course, that is what you've saved your money for," Johanna shot him a look. "I certainly don't ask for much, you know. Just you. You alone."

"As if I travel in pairs, luv," Anthony smiled. "Then we shall be married at the first opportune time."

But as it looked in the misty valley before them, they'd have to keep the stride up for the rest of the day with only a few crumbs to call their own. Why did traveling by land have to be so ghastly?


UmassSlytherin said...

oh, ivy, it's spectacular! Just what I was wanting to read and didn't know it until I read it!

well done, I love love love it, can't wait for more! :) :) :) awesome!

ellie said...

How smashing! Keep going.


Hey, and how about the look of Britney Spears in Madonna show. I find a video in this blog:

autumn said...

oh cool. a new story for me to keep up with. you're so talented. you got lots of stories in mind to write about. bloody brilliant. lol

taffy. said...

they are a fantastic couple.

Liz said...

YAY! I wondered what would happen to them at the end and it kept bugging me... lol

Thanks for starting this, it's awesome!