It was deep into the night, possibly morning when Anthony awoke. He noticed the bed was colder than usual. Suddenly, it set in that Johanna might be ill. He'd hoped it wouldn't happen. She did live a shelter life away from diseases. It was quit possible that she didn't have the ammune system than he had built over time from going to foreign places and trying new things. But he had hoped she would have been healthy enough to endure.

He lit the candle and saw that she was gone. She had left in the cold black darkness of the night. How was that possible? She was a sound sleeper and fell asleep fast after their long days.

Was she that angry with him?

He dressed quickly and hurried up the stairs. No one was awake yet.

Anthony hated to feel in complete doom, but then he heard footsteps outside. Then he heard a horse about too. So he ran to the door opened it quickly and yelled, "Johanna!"

It was then in the moonlight he saw the traces of blond hair from the rider who was gallaping away. Someone had kidnapped Johanna.

Anthony's heart raced. What the hell was happening? Who would have taken his Johanna? It didn't seem real.

Quickly, Anthony found the first stead in the stable and took off on him bareback. No way could he let Johanna go this easlily. If he'd fought for her once, he'd fight for again. He must find that horseman before it was too late.

But there was only so much light from the moon. Anthony squinted hard and the stallian kicked his heels and went at top speed over into the damp meadow. Anthony was not all that far behind, but still he wished he was closer.

Finally the horse dropped its speed as if it had a certain place to find. Anthony quietly rode his mount closely behind. Where were they going? And what would they do once they got there?


Darling Dears. said...

oh God. please keep writing! this is addicting..

Fashion_Girl22 said...

I love how it just ends like that. I can't wait to se what happens next. It really is addictive. Do you plan on becoming a writer?

Thanks for the comment!
They really are exspensive. I was trying to look for some more affordable dresses to post too, but it was so hard to find them lst minute. :[

UmassSlytherin said...

ghaaaa! no!!!!! omg, no!!!

please write more soon!!!

I love this story so much! I'm so glad you are writing it! :) Well done!