There's a hole in my heart

Anthony crept behind them like a spy. They'd gone off the beaten track and whom ever held on to Johanna muffled her voice. He could hear her trying her best to get away, but it wasn't happening.

Finally the highwayman lit a torch. His face shown. It was Jonah Heart. Anthony could see that Heart warned her with the fire to keep quiet. He was sure Johanna's face might burn. It grieved him so and with a sigh he went on to follow the two into a hole in the ground. Perhaps more or less a cave, a crack in the mountain, as if.

It was quite breath taking and horrid at the same time. Anthony couldn't take his eyes off the place. Perhaps, Jonah Heart was about to show her what he was made of. All his gold and riches. He would win her over, and Anthony was quite sure he'd never hear of Johanna again. Had she been that blind by him? Was she none other than a materialistic girl at heart.

He shuddered to think as he watched and quietly went down the path behind them. Somehow he'd find a way to get his love back. He had to. There was no choice in the matter. They'd come this far.

But as they went down the path, it was the golden wall that took him most by surprise. What was that? An oracle of some kind. Glowing like a glistening door.

It hurt his eyes to watch.

"In God's name stop!" Anthony finally made known that he was here and this could go no further.

But he just saw the sinester grin on Heart's face.

"I can show her a real life," Heart scowled. "So much more than that petty hell hole you call home, Hope. Give it up! She's mine!"

"How dare you say you own her!" Anthony bit back. "She is not a thing! Let her go! She is not to be handled that way!"

If only Anthony had had his pistol with him, Heart would be dead by now.

"Get a life! Hope!" And with that they vanished together into the glowing light.

Anthony ran up to the shimmering door, and stared into space with a grimace. He took a deep breath. Where ever they were going, he was going too.


Darling Dears. said...

aw poor Anthony.

go get Johanna!

simon n josh said...

you go anthongy!

Aurley said...

Hey, Thanks so much for the welcome back!
Ill be sure to check out your storyline...
I love love love sweeney todd! ((And Jamie Campbell Bower.))

autumn said...

oh my. go Anthony. go go go! lol.