what would you do

Dear Mr. Todd,

I take it I won't be hearing from you, but if I could, could you tell me, what would you do in my shoes?

I am but a sailor and I know not of your wit or perhaps even will. But I have this wish that every man dreams of. To be in love with one true love.

But what to do? How does one focus on the future with such a calloused life? What skills do I know other than knots? So easily can I bind them, but to untie them is rather a different, story entirely.

I am at a loss, except not at sea just at this tide of life bringing me back to who I was...just a boy in a grim country that offers no one much of an inheritance when you come from hoodlums and gypsies.

I dare not tell this tale to lovely Johanna or she might break in to. She thinks, me brave and must have the caviler of captains that I've only stood before to clean their decks and listen to their disgusting stories.

I was never a pirate. Always the last ship's mate who stayed on deck when the others went ahead to eat, drink and be merry with the seven deadly sins, or rather tarry until they were too stupid to come back to the ship. Even then it was all work to sober them up, to get on with things.

Yes, I've done my share of slopping the poor fools after mead had got the best of them. For all I know ...is how to make a descent shepherd's pie in the galley kitchen. I can feed two hundred and five on a good day.

And the rest of the time, I can just give them the nasties if they don't behave themselves.

What will become of me on dry land?

If you could think of an answer, I'd surly listen.

Mates Eternally,
A. Hope


Cait said...

aw..cool..so he was cook on the ship..hmmmm....kind of interesting.

autumn said...

that's interesting. his life in the ship.

i like the words you use here. =]

taffy. said...

it's so sweet that he cares so much for her!