where did our love go

A terrible storm came. Anthony was sure it would blow them away, but instead the huge wooden door flew open and a stranger appeared.

He looked to be as old as Anthony. Perhaps older. He called himself, Jonah Heart. Of course, Anthony assumed he must be famous or at least rich by the coat he wore. He acted as rather a cad too. But Anthony didn't mention that to Johanna. Instead, his friendly manner made Anthony all the more furious.

Johanna had to wait on him and bring him lager and meat pies. He made her giggle. Actually, Anthony hadn't seen her smile like that in a very long time. It was rather annoying to have to contend with it. At least the master wasn't slapping her buttocks or pulling her into his lap from time to time when he enjoyed himself to much with the pub spirits.

Anthony supposed this too would pass. A stranger blowing through with the storm, no doubt. Still Anthony found him a little dark in his humor and especially, the way he looked at fair Johanna.

"I really wish you would not-" It made Anthony so sick he couldn't finish his sentence that night when he and Johanna went to bed. "Hopefully, he'll be gone by morn, and we'll never see that Jonah again."

"He wasn't that horrible, now was he?" She smiled handing him over a nugget of gold he'd given her. "And please don't say it was charity?"

"Of course not." Anthony sighed wondering where this was going? Is this all that would make her happy?

"I promise as soon as we can, we'll leave this place. I don't want our children growing up here," Anthony told her.

"Our children? Really, you want children?"

"Why, of course?"

"But we have to be married first." She made it sound that it couldn't possibly happen until then. This gave Anthony little hope that they would ever consummate their love until then.

"I just want us to be happy." Which was true. But really, he wasn't all so sure the marriage part was going to make him that happy, especially when they already shared a bed.

"Aren't we?"

"Are you daft? We are quite far from our happily ever after, now aren't we?" Of course, it was half the battle to keep her satisfied, it felt most of the time. She did have her priorities. And this was one sailor who wasn't nearly as lucky as his comrades sailing the seven seas these days.

"Are you saying its my fault?"

Honestly, he didn't want go to bed with an angry woman.

"Never." Anthony sighed. "I'm just saying we should be happy with what we have and throw caution to the wind." He kissed her pale neck then. She slightly flinched away.

"Its true then? You really want someone all dandy, in wigs and nice rings and a gold stitched coats." Anthony looked at her rather cross then and even lipped.

"You smell of meat fat and garlic," Johanna winced. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to be unkind."

They undressed into their undergarments and got in bed. Anthony rolled away from her and blew out the candle. Fat chance of rekindling anything tonight.


simon n josh said...

Such trying times. Good stuff though.

another.ellie said...

Trying times for sure. Hope Anthony gets lucky soon.

autumn said...

don't know what to say but can't wait for the next update. =]

ellie said...

Hmm...wonder what Johanna sees in Jonah..interesting.