at the uni

"Oh, my God," there went Lux again.

Anthony still wasn't sure what he could say to her. It was just as well to avoid each other. In fact it was really easy to do. He spent most of his time with Leon. Really, he didn't want her to figure him out, that he was presumably a fake. Fake ID. Even his schedule was someone else's schedule at the Uni. It was really easy to skim by. So to speak, except to be in these sticky situations as of now. Put on the spot about God knows what.

For starters he shoved his hands in his khakis. Since usually, Lux had three conversations going at once. She was always on her cell for one thing, and Cher was always nearby like an assistant. It felt as if he was part of a business than anything else. Maybe if he walked on from this conversation on the plaza at the university all would at least be safe for a little bit longer.

"Wait," she called after him, but could barely pick up speed in her stiletto boots. As usual, she wore the extreme fashionable. While Anthony was in one of Leon's itchy gray sweaters with a white t-shirt underneath saving his skin from a rash, he supposed.

Anthony sighed and stopped wishing he had Leon here to save him with some suave crap about how beautiful she was. But really, that was not on his mind.

"Yes?" He did his best to be pleasant enough.

"If I didn't have to meet my boyfriend for lunch, I'd ask you to come along, but as it is, its been ages since I've seen him." It was a good enough excuse for Anthony. He really didn't need one. He was fine on his own. And it really didn't bother him to walk so much, either, he quite enjoyed getting to know the park, the Uni. It was just there was this hopeless thread tugging at him. He might never see Johanna, again.

"I understand completely." Anthony nodded. Now get out of my face, he wanted to say, but as usual there was always more. Always. Once Lux got started. It was if she hadn't a clue of the time nor the rush of things. She was on a Lux schedule so just be patience until she was through.

"You are adjusting, aren't you?"

"Of course," he smiled.

"I just see you with Leon, haven't you met anyone yet?" She seemed concerned.

"Oh," Did it matter if there was someone? He wondered then. Did she think there was something going on with he and Leon? "There's someone back home, in fact. We, uh, e-mail each other, all the time. Constantly. "

"Long distance relationships must be so hard. My boyfriend is in the same building and I rarely ever see him," Lux almost giggled.

"That's New York for you." Something was in his eye then. Yikes, she probably thought he was winking.

"Well, I gotta go." She waved with a smile then.

He put his finger over his eye. "Bugger." He squinted harder. It did hurt. Was something happening to him here he didn't know of? He sneezed then. This was all he needed. A cold. He walked away then going no where. Wishing he had a clue where to go next.

He turned back, he could see Lux in the distance she hadn't gotten very far. If nothing else, he'd follow her. Find out just who the mystery boyfriend was in her building. This might turn out interesting. Anthony had nothing better to do.


autumn said...

hahahahaha. Anthony is funny. =]]

UmassSlytherin said...

:) heheheh! I love this so much! Anthony is so adorable! You make him just shine! :) well done!

Aurley said...

I wanna know who the mystery boyfriend is~ And I love anthony! :)

ellie said...

absolutely adoring anthony.