the bitter sweet end of it.

Anthony felt a bit out of sorts. Not at all sure where to go first. Did he cross the street or would they have gone the other way? It was awful and his head was pounding. This was so not what he would be doing right now back at the roadhouse.

He'd be getting a fire going in the kitchen. There would be coffee beans to roast. And lord knows, now much bacon to slice. A bit of him was glad to be here instead of there. Maybe. She had to be here. Johanna had to be, but it was at a loss. He felt like a crumb lost in an ants nest. So many people. So much noise. It was a little horrifying. Strange, to say the least. Just where had he ended up, anyway?

Finally, Anthony managed across the street and found a Starbucks. He just looked at the sign thinking it peculiar. He decided to walk on a few blocks. There was another. Had he just been here?

His heart was pounding. This was infuriating. It would be quite impossible to find a solution to this dilemma. Yet he, had to catch on like the others. Look straight ahead. Not to bother with a smile nor a question. Just move on. It was quite ridiculous in his book. Really, were they zombies, had they been cursed?

Anthony was at his wits end. Thinking, he'd go into this Starbucks, or perhaps he'd just sit and think at the steps of the Brownstone nearby. What was he to do? What could he ask without it seeming odd or perplexed.

Was he lost for good?

"Oh my God," A young lady approached him who came out of Starbucks carrying a large drink in her hand. "You finally made it, didn't you?"

"I suppose." Was that a good enough answer?

"Well, where are your bags?"

"My valise?"

"Oh my God, you are such a foreign exchange student, Tony, I'm gonna love listening to you." She smiled. She walked up the steps then and opened the door to the brownstone.

"Well, what are you waiting for, come on up?" She waited.

Anthony gave her a slight shrug and wondered what he was getting himself into. She seemed to know someone named Tony, evidently. He didn't want to dare tell her he preferred to be referred to as Anthony.

They road up the elevator together. Anthony thought his knees would completely buckle. He felt butterflies in his stomach. He wasn't exactly in an attire for travel, now was he? Just an undershirt and suspenders with the only black pair of pants that he could call his own.

"Lux?" She nodded. "Remember talking to me on the phone?" She stared at him intently.

"Of course," he went along with what ever she said.

She lead him into the flat then. There was a girl with dark hair tapping away feverishly on her laptop and a silly looking lean fellow with a cigarette behind his ear, reading a book on the sofa.

"Our foreign exchange student finally made it, guys!" Lux said with enthusiasm, but the other two paid her no mind.

"That's Leon," Lux pointed to the young man on the couch with his book. "He's just Canadian. And here's Cher, who I've known since fifth grade."

Anthony just nodded.

"Leon, Tony's bags didn't make it, you think you could help him with some clothes and things?" Lux looked at Leon as if he better have the right answer.

"Of course," Leon looked up at Tony then. Got up and shook his hand.

"You'll be sharing a room with Leon." Lux then nodded.

Leon then lead Anthony across the pink room where the glass French doors were. There was a study with a library of books and just beyond that was their room and a bathroom all in a sharp lime green. It was much more modern than the front room. It almost felt like a different apartment.

Really, Anthony couldn't believe his luck. The room was big enough for the two of them. Of course, he'd be sharing it with Leon.

"I don't believe I've ever met a Canadian, before," Anthony then said.

"It must be your lucky day." Leon grinned and handed Anthony a pack of cigarettes. "She won't let you smoke in the livingroom."


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I love that last line.

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Yeah, I like the last line, too.

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valise. just heard of it only today. lol @ me.