deep in the city

At first Anthony felt gravity catching him. Almost. It was a slow fall in to the burning light, and after while it felt he'd sucked in to a hole of sorts. All he could bare to do was keep his eyes shut.

It felt as if his body was shattering into pieces yet coming back together.

The next thing he knew he was at the bottom of the dank sewer. He thought he was back underground London town. It was quite disgusting.

Anthony picked himself up and looked around shivering from the dark sight around him. What had he fallen into?

He could hear something above though. A noise he couldn't quite decipher. It wasn't horses hooves. Exactly. It was a noise. A great noise. He kept looking for a possibility above. Finally, he found a metal ladder and pushed himself up toward the street. He hesitated to find out his future though, just behind the round metal shield. But he couldn't waste time here. How far ahead were they? Did they end up in the same sewage system he did?

Finally he forced himself up into the bright daylight.

Anthony was wide eyed as he got out of the street hole. He'd never imagine so much activity, and he'd been to many busy streets in different countries. But these were cars with motors and tall buildings about. It made him dizzy as he turned around.

"What is this place?"

He was definitely not in Merry Old England, anymore.


Dapper Kid said...

Woah, sounds like an adventure...although I wouldn't be too keen on the sewer part haha.

Cait said...

ohhhh...wonder what will happen next.

ellie said...

I do like how the story is going..I think..

UmassSlytherin said...

lmao~! love the last line! :) :) such a great story, I absolutely love the fish out of water theme! can't wait for more, the suspense is killing me, this is nail-biting! Anthony is so heroic in your story, I love him!

Karine said...

Please..Explain me this story!



PS:I REALLY want to get it.

autumn said...

oh, is he in the future already? lol.