Johanna was sure Jonah would go spastic once she knew of her and Drex.

Although, it was quiet innocent. As of yet, he hadn't asked to take her anywhere. As it was, she felt a bit safe at the moment with Drex around. She so wanted to keep it that way. If she ran now, where would she go? She had no sense of direction as it was. It would be impossible to even want to leave, and yet she did, but only with Anthony.

She dreamed he was here. Somewhere close, in fact. If only it were true. She so hoped it was.

At least Drex had gone out to find her a few things. Like a soft pink track suit and comfy socks. He'd been sweet enough to bring her a whole tote of perfumes, soaps, stuff for her hair. It felt like Christmas. And he'd wanted nothing in return.

She so wanted to trust him. She wished she didn't have to count on so much from the kindness of strangers. From what she could see on what they called the "television" she was definitely not a modern girl. Independence was definitely not her middle name.

Of course, it didn't help much to over hear the row Jonah got into with his brother when he found her not in his room, but on the couch in the livingroom watching 'Clueless' on cable.

She'd digressed she supposed so she went running back to his room and faked sleep as she usually did. Really, she wanted nothing to do with him. Nothing. Didn't he know that already?


autumn said...

she faked her sleep. haha. now, i'm liking Drex already.

mariposa said...

Hey! Thanks so much for reading my blog - I love getting comments. & thanks for sharing your horse story :) I can tell by reading your blog that you have a talent for writing stories - that's pretty cool.