does he or doesn't he

Drex brought Johanna some pizza he'd ordered in.

"Really, I think you need to get out and take in some sights while you're here," he told her handing her a paper plate of cheese pizza.

"That would be nice," She was pleased with the pizza. It was warm and gooey and so tangy. She bit into it. She still couldn't believe this beautiful room.

"I need to ask you something," Drex then said hesitating to even eat his own slice of pizza.


"Did my brother ever touch you?"

Johanna chewed her pizza slowly. She thought of being grabbed. His fingers over her mouth. The ride on the horse in the middle of the dark and being ran with through the streets of New York.

She shook her head, no.

"You don't have to be afraid to tell me," Drex said.

"Its so complicated," Johanna told him. "I don't love him. I never will. Maybe he actually knows this, but he thinks he did a good thing, bringing me here. I don't know what he wants of me. Actually. Possibly, he can't decide. You say he has a girlfriend, maybe he really has feelings for her." Johanna nodded.

"No, he only wants her money," Drex shrugged.


taffy. said...

aggg, this is so frustrating!
i don't know any of the new characters!
i will try to find some time next weekend to read through all of the story.

Aurley said...

Hehe. Lying, eh?
I think its cute that Drex saw through it all.
I also liked how you used her thoughts... :)

Thanks so much for reading Abelia. Your comments mean alot, youre a great writer.

Diana Coronado said...

Many people can feel identificated with the characters, that's very good

ellie said...

Oh Johanna...you're so good. I like that she's thinking about him ..and hasn't forgotten him.

autumn said...

sigh. Drex is really sweet and very thoughtful. =]