getting covered

Anthony wasn't so sure he could play the part. A student, perhaps. College?

It was baffling. He felt lost, even if Leon had given him jeans and nifty t-shirt to wear. Even sneakers. It all felt annoying and comfortable at the same time.

"What?" Leon looked at him.

Anthony had noticed all the stuff Leon had in his wallet.

"I'm afraid I don't have one of those."

"Did you lose it?" Leon looked at him while he was surfing the Internet.

"Precisely," Anthony winced wondering if Leon could do something about that.

"Are you telling me, you have no identity?"

"Quite possibly," Anthony nodded.

"You English," Leon just smiled liting a cigarette. "You know, my kind is your enemy. We French hate your wicked guts." His accent was thick. Suddenly, it was as if Leon could be himself around him. "Only we are the foreigners and we must stick together. I will help you with your problem. I, Leon LaCross will be your loyal friend."

He clicked into a computer program on his computer then and began a series of clicks and type ins.

"Well, thank you, Leon."

"So you need, what? The works?"


Leon just smiled and went to work.

"But who are you?"

"I am Anthony Hope." Anthony told him.

"Anthony Hope? Why does that name sound so familiar?" Leon squinted, as he put a bit of ash in his glass ash tray.

"I'm not famous."

"No, no someone in literature. In a book, yes, I know I've seen that name in a book." Leon sounded so certain.

"Well, its not that it only belongs in a book, is it?"

"No, Anthony Hope it shall be," Leon gave him a smirk. "Remember, you'll owe me. But I got you covered."


autumn said...

lol @ leon. i'm starting to like him. =]

UmassSlytherin said...

omg I love this part! :) my favorite is from anthony's perspective, I love how he is stepping into the future into this new baffling world! you describe his feelings perfectly! this story is a winner! :)