the next step

Anthony couldn't wait. Was he supposed to follow this fellow after his long and leisurily lunch with Lux? Was that the next step? Honestly, it might take all day.

Just then he notice Cher walking toward the library. He immediatly picked up the pace and bumped into her accidently yet with a purpose.

"What are you doing here?" He acted all surprised picking up the books he'd knocked out of her arms.

"Trying not to get mugged, evidently." She looked at him puzzled.

He pushed down his shades on his nose and smiled.

"Oh, its you, Leon's friend?"

"Yes, thats me." It didn't matter if she didn't remember his name.


"Anthony, actually." He sighed. "Listen, I have a favor, sort of."

"Sort of?"

"I have this surprise for Lux and-"

"And Jonah?"

"Yeah, Jonah, that's his name, I keep forgetting. " He gave her a quick smirk."I keep forgetting his address in the building too. Can you tell me?"


Anthony smiled brightly. He'd finally found his ticket, and he was on his way. He just hoped somebody was home.


Cait said...

Oh, I like where this going. Glad Anthony has his thinking cap on.

autumn said...

so clever of him. nice. hehe.

UmassSlytherin said...

Yay Anthony! He really is quite good at fitting in. I agree with above: so clever! :) Well done! This story is excellent, very subtle and it flows nicely! Can't wait for more! The dialog is really really good! Very natural!

Cate said...

Finally I understand this story better because I finally saw Sweeney Todd. I was reading it all the time, but felt I couldn't leave reasonable comments unless I had seen Sweeney Todd.

Karine said...

Let's hope...


Thanks for your comment!
I really liked!