on the prowl

Anthony was pretty sure he was an amateur at this spy stuff. He was sure no one would ever pay him to do it. Although, it was pretty easy to watch Lux from a distance. She wore such a striking outfit, and she was pretty much happy to see everyone.

She sat out in the open waiting at a table for her boyfriend.

Anthony was across the way on the plaza looking through art, people wanted to sale. He saw someone was selling hats and caps they'd actually made. So he handed over the fifty-bucks that Leon had spared him and put a black scully on with the red anarchy A crocheted into it. He just knew the A was for Anthony. He turned then to spot someone sitting with Lux finally.

Anthony almost crashed into some paintings leaning against a wall then. His eyes lit. Could it be who he thought it was? He froze.

What was he supposed to do?

1. walk over and grab Jonah by the throat and choke him until he told him where Johanna was.
2. get a dart gun and poison Jonah immediately and get him to tell the truth that way.
3. stay put and hope to God that Jonah didn't recognize him.

Anthony bought shades then and put them on.

With the money he had left he bought a hot dog and soda. He was going to somehow figure out where Jonah lived in his building.


ellie said...

This be interesting.

Aurley said...

Ahaha. Reminds me a bit of the Stephanie Plum series. Those are some very good books. XD
And thanks for reading! I had my power out all last night so Im jst getting my new post up now. :)

UmassSlytherin said...

Can't wait to see what happens next! Anthony is fitting in so well in this "new world" I love it! well done!

autumn said...

lol @ no.1 and 2. Anthony is such a comedian. lol. am really loving this story. =]]

Diana Coronado said...

Great, great histories