ringing up

Drex had to go out.

"I won't be long," He promised Johanna.

"Take as much time as you need," she hated being this burden. Is that all she was to be to anyone?

She traipsed back to the kitchen and looked inside the fridge. She did so love having an ice box. Big too. Plenty to eat, as well. All sort of assorted meats and cheeses. Juice too. She looked at the bottle of champagne. She wished she had something to celebrate, but she didn't. Only her tummy was rumbling. She grabbed a slice of cheese. All this food and she could only come up with, a slice of orange cheese.

It was frustrating. All this modern convenience and still she was left with this hole in her heart that she could not fill. What was Anthony doing right now? Was he all right? Was he walking the streets at this moment, starving? How could she eat at a time like this? She tossed the cheese in the trash.

Just then the door bell rang. Drex must have forgotten his key. It wasn't like him to ring up. She couldn't think of anyone else.

She opened the door gingerly, expecting to find her housemate. But it wasn't so.

She couldn't help but stare. Did she know anyone who wore shades? Perhaps there was a loon on the lose who thought he was a celebrity of some kind. Maybe Kalso from That Seventies Show had a younger brother.

"Well?" She kept staring at this boy in his skully cap and shades.


"How do you know my name?" She was stunned.

"Can I come in?"

"I'm not sure." She pushed the door as if to close an intruder out.

"Its me," Anthony took off the shades then.

"Then for Gods sakes, don't just stand there!" She pulled him in immediately and pulled off his cap right then and gave him a hug.

"That's more like it." He choked, but she wouldn't let go.


ellie said...

How exciting. Yeah!

Cate said...

I love hugs.

Cait said...

this is sweet. finally.

autumn said...

finally. got goose bumps there. whoa. lol.

Aurley said...

Huggssss :]

Cute post. I love this plot, I probaly said this a gazillion times. But Sweeney was amazing. Im also a play dork... Ya know. =]

Oh and Im back! I was busy and sick... So I couldnt post for a week. I really appreciate you following my blog! It means alot!