stranger within a stranger

Drex wasn't so sure he knew his brother, Jonah anymore. He'd been doing peculiar things, lately. Being away for weeks on end. Never saying where he'd been nor what he'd been up too. Now he had a girl in his room.

It was very hush hush.

Jonah would mention. "Jo's a bit sick from our travels. I think it would be better if you didn't wake her." But that was days ago. It was quiet. Drex was beginning to wonder if he'd drugged the girl. Maybe there was dead girl in his room.

It gave him the shivers. He was not so sure how to react to this situation. After all, classes at UNYC had just started up. He had no time to worry about his brother's excursions.

So now he'd acquired a foreigner of some kind.

"I don't know why she's so special, don't you have a girlfriend, already?" Drex questioned his brother.

"Johanna is not ordinary, like some around here. She's above all that crowd, you know what I mean?"

Evidently, not. But Drex didn't dwell on it. If he could just have half a chance to get her alone. His brother had to be out sometime. But as it was, he spent most of his time with Johanna behind a locked door.

Drex found himself listening intently through the walls. Were those murmurs of discontent? He didn't want to believe it, but he couldn't be sure. He just wanted Jonah to go to a class or something.

Finally, one day they left together for class. Drex was on his way to figure drawings while his brother needed to get to philosophy. They'd stopped for coffee at the nearby Starbucks. Drex didn't even ask if Johanna had classes. He knew his brother would lie to him. He'd figure out as much.

So they said their goodbyes. Drex decided to be late for class. He had to go back to the flat. He had to find out who this Johanna was. But unfortunately, his brother's room was locked.

This really unnerved Drex. Something was up.

He took the only skeleton key he remembered in the silverware drawer. It was time to figure this out. And without hesitation he unlocked his brother's bedroom door.

There was the beautiful pale blond, asleep on his brother's bed.

Drex touched her hand. She was cold. But she was breathing. He looked around and saw his mother's sleeping pills. Evidently, Jonah had been doing a bit of doctoring.

Drex frowned with a squint. He really knew nothing about his brother. He was a stranger to him doing strange things to obviously, strange women. Evidently. Drex didn't know what to do.


blue hearts said...

Hopefully, drex will be a good guy.

UmassSlytherin said...

:( oh, I hope everything will be alright! this is so nail-biting! update soon, I love this story so much, it's very romantic! more anthony!!!!! :)

autumn said...

strange. very strange.