tomorrow's promises

Really, Johanna wasn't that amused with Jonah Heart. Honestly, he was no Count, definitely not anything to put Sir in front of. She thought him more of a thief. And it pained her to think Anthony thought she'd been taken in by him.

She was certain he'd stolen silver from the roadhouse. She'd wanted to take care of it herself. But evidently, Jonah had something else in mind, and it all seemed so horribly complicated at the moment. Why had she gone to his room after Anthony had gone to sleep?

Really, it was impossible to sleep here for starters. And she hadn't really meant to go to his room. She'd heated warm milk and he'd wanted some.

What a start to a sleepless night.

"Oh, you, thank me," Jonah had told her with that impish grin of his. Before she knew it, he was carrying her out the door. It was the worst night of her life. Or was it? Johanna was beginning to think, possibly she didn't deserve a marvelous night. She was no princess, after all.

She'd prayed that Anthony would come for her. He was there. She saw him in the shadows. She saw him. He was there.

But now that world was gone.

Now the racket of the bombardment of noise invaded her ears. She could hardly stand this hell Jonah had brought her too. And no Anthony in sight.

How could this have happened?

Jonah wouldn't let up with the brisk walk they took once they got out of the manhole. They passed shops with bright lights. A couple of Starbucks. A flower shop, past a book store and on they went. She hardly had a chance to look. But he seemed to know where he was going. The brownstone. It looked so ancient yet modern.

And then there were the stairs. Lots of stairs. It was never ending with the winding stairs. And he would not let go. Would not.

Johanna was out of breath. She could barely move. Finally, he pushed her inside an apartment at the top of the stairwell. She fell to the floor weak and in a sweat while he snapped all the locks in on the door.

"Welcome to my world," Jonah said with a cruel smile.

Johanna just looked up at him, dizzily.

"You'll never want to go back. Never." He told her.

She was too weak to answer. All she could think of was Anthony. She prayed he was somewhere out there. He had to be. It was all the faith she needed. And then she collapsed.


ellie said...

Poor johanna.

UmassSlytherin said...

ghaaaaa! anthony, get in there and save her already!!!!!!!!

love this story so much, so suspenseful! :) well done!

autumn said...

i feel bad and sad for johanna.