on the job

Anthony stood petrified of what the day might bring. All he was instructed to do was act nice, be nice, spray perfume when asked. Nothing more.

Well, what if he didn't know if they'd ask. Should he ask? Would he know what to do? So simple. What was he going on about?

"You'll love it," Johanna had just told him last night.

"Well, how about you? How did it go?" He'd wanted to know yet she was so fickle to comment. She hadn't told him a thing about her job.

Instead, it was all, "I wish I had a job that easy," she'd said.

"Really, well, they could fire me if I don't spray the right pressure points," Anthony was still a bit unsure of those places.

"Pressure points?" She acted as if he might torture someone if perfume didn't enhance the correct areas.

"None near the eyes or any other place that might cause harm." See, he really was worried sick about this job. He could be fired in an instant. He just didn't know how to explain it to her. Perhaps he hadn't even listened correctly.

Oh, here came someone now. Should he or shouldn't he? It wasn't that he was guarding the Queen's palace. Anthony managed to smile. Then he offered. "Of course, not, but do you know anything about a man's purse?" The customer tilted her head and Anthony stared into her ruby red lipstick.

"Man's purse?" What did she possibly mean? "Shall we see if we can find someone to help you with that problem." He was ever so curtest, but really he didn't know where to go.


another.ellie said...

I hate being nervous like that.

Cait said...

Oh, Anthony. It won't be that bad.

♡!!Su-sU the 0re0 ßαߥ!!♡ said...

I like this story. I like how you put words in a sentence that can get you to think. I normally don't use BIG GINORMOUS words but sometimes i do. oh yea like ecstatic or melancholy. COOLIO. and trust me i do know what they mean.

autumn said...

i got nervous all the time. lol. so i understand Anthony.

Emma said...

Anthony doesn't need to be so nervous :-)

Sydney Speel said...

oh the nerves!

murses. i love looking for murses!