before tomorrow

Drex seemed different to Johanna, somehow. She wasn't quite sure what it was. Something about his demeanor. It was as if he was trying so hard to be something he wasn't. But what was it.

"Did you think it, unusual?" Johanna asked Anthony later after they'd pigged out on egg rolls and stir-fries. They were back in their room and Anthony and Johanna were very cozy in bed without the TV on.

"How unusual do you mean?" Anthony was somewhat oblivious about Johanna's questions.

"Well, how well do you really know this Leon fellow?" She wouldn't let Anthony rest with her in his arms even if he was rather comfortable ready for a snooze on his pillow.

"He's, all right. Possibly not exactly on the up and up, but then if he wasn't then he might have been no help to me at all. If it wasn't for him, things might not be quite as comfortable for either of us. He at least made it simple to blend in. It would have other wise been strange and possibly we'd be locked up somewhere if someone knew our story about how we got here, when actually, neither of us know for sure how that could be. So I'm fine with him. You'll just have to take my word for it." He looked half asleep, already.

"And how do you think he'd treat Drex?" She looked at him seriously.

"I suppose like a mate, what else?"

"I think he's dug his claws in him," Johanna pondered aloud.

"What ever are you going on about?" Anthony slightly scowled.

"I know what I see," Johanna sighed staying close to Anthony as if he was really all she needed. "Drex is very much in love with him."

"And? And what am I to do about it?" Anthony raised up on his elbow then turning toward her.

"You have to find out if its true," Johanna told him.

"I highly doubt it is," Anthony winced. "I don't think Leon is one for falling in love."

"So he is a cad," Johanna said. "I knew it. You know something?"

"I dunno." Anthony gave up. "I need a nap. Don't let me go for Chinese for awhile. All right." He turned from her then ready for sleep. Besides he did start his job at Macy's tomorrow.


autumn said...

lol @ johanna. she acts like a child. that's how i see her. please don't look at me like that. lol. and i love the line when she said: i think he's dug his claws in him


Sydney Speel said...

i suppose like a mate, what else?

i can hear this line being said!

ellie said...

I love this about Drex and Leon. Johanna is something. It made me smile.

just Ivy said...

can't wait to find out about these jobs.