It was a celebration more than just dinner with Drex and Leon. According to Johanna anyway.

She wanted to dress up.

"You look fine," Anthony told her. She was in sweater and jeans. It wasn't that fancy of a place according to Drex. "I don't think you have too."

"But I want too."

"All right, but just don't over do it."

"What do you mean?" Johanna looked at him as if he had a problem with this he better spill it.

"You wear whatever you want. Its just why? I want to go now. I've been starving for Chinese all day and I'm hungry." He told her.

She gave him a sad look.

"Just get ready, already." He stared back at her trying to smile. "We'll wait. You're very good at doing that."

"Fine." She still hadn't told him what the job was at the art department. For all he knew she was just an assistant to someones assistant.

So she grabbed her hand bag, and they went to meet Drex and Leon downstairs.

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autumn said...

i hope she tells him soon. wanna know what anthony would say about it. *bite nails* lol.