the closet

Anthony hurried to the closet. It was huge. Was she sure it was a closet? He didn't know what could possibly be there to help him. It wasn't as if he could be in complete congnito is a woman's outfit. Now could he?

No, Johanna knew no one but Drex and Jonah. When would she ever leave them?

"What I think we should do is leave in the middle of the night," Anthony told her. "You could stay with me. I'd just tell them you were visiting. No one would never have to know where you were or anything. I could say you decided to stay." It sounded perfect to him.

Johanna shook her head at that. She didn't want Jonah to get suspicious.

"What if he sent me god knows where into the past, Anthony?" She told him about his mother. What he'd done to her. Perhaps.

"I want neither of us to have anything to do with him. I can't just leave you here. Please. I'll never sleep wondering if you've gone off with him to an entire different universe." He grabbed her shoulders then.

"Anthony, nothing has happened yet." She pulled away.

Anthony turned his attention then to closet. Hoping he could leave unseen. Only it didn't look feasable.


Diana Coronado said...

♥ You are invited to my Tiffany party, so, come & take a Tiffany cupcake @ Glammy !! ♥

Cate said...

It's such a cool idea, transferring the two from the Victorian time into the present. I love your story.

autumn said...

do they need a time machine? lol.