if looks could kill

"Are you really really sure about this?" Drex took Johanna where she'd go and meet some of his teachers and for them to get a good look at her before the job went through.

"Yes, I want money, now don't I?" She looked at him innocently.

"Well, I don't want to see you sale yourself like this, if it might-"

"I am doing this for the good of art, now aren't I?" This was the way she saw it. And had he not known what terrible moments she'd spent in her life, especially at the asylum. ...well, she hadn't told him of that miserable reality. It was something she wished to keep to herself and to never let anyone experience such.

She knew if she survived that then she could possibly get through anything. So what if she had to poise in the nude. She knew she could do it. She would do it. Because at the moment, she really knew nothing to do in this modern world.

"So lets get on with it," Johanna was already in her robe ready to drop it when they said when.

"All right then." Drex seemed sad for her.

"Drex, you need to go." Really, she didn't want him looking at her. Not so much at her skim, but the look on her face when it happened. When she shed everything.

So here they all were in the art room. It wasn't exactly a catwalk, but really it felt like it. Johanna took a deep breath and disrobbed. She felt coldness all around her. She pressed her lips then, realising the worst part was trying to act natural without a thing on.


Cate said...

Yeah, I can imagine that would definitely be the hardest part - acting natural with no clothes on in a room full of dressed people staring at you... An interesting way to earn money. (I wouldn't do it though ^^)

Nisey♥Smooches said...

lol i came up with those names on my own except for Marin, Marin is a girls name i read in a book once :)
i am glad u like the story :)

Cait said...

oh what a moment.

Nisey♥Smooches said...

oh thanks for the good luck props to you on your story :)

Natalie! said...


I love Sweeney Todd, but I've always wondered whatever became of Anthony and Johanna. Now I can finally find out after I go back and read all of the previous posts so that I'm caught up. Give me a day or two and hopefully I'll be up to date by then! (:

Rachel Burton said...

Fun story - good luck with your writing!

Cate said...

I'm glad you enjoy the photos from my trip. Can't wait for the next chapter now! Your story is cool ^^ Keep on writing - Sweeney Todd had a great ending, but of course we don't know whatever happened to Anthony and Johanna- great idea, I tell you once again.

Emma said...

Nice writing :-)

autumn said...

so she really did it. but yeah, ok, for the sake of art. =[