its a date

"We should do lunch." It felt like ages since Johanna had seen Drex, but he hadn't stopped in to see her. He was here to see Leon. She guessed. Maybe it was Cher because she was giving him hugs and kisses as if they were more than friends. Only, he was giving her the statue treatment. He really wasn't that in to her, Johanna thought.

"That sounds great." He was trying to talk to her while Cher was making over him. Giving hints that she wanted to see him again.

"I didn't know that you and Cher-" Johanna started.

"Um, we..we're just..just friends." Drex remained even lipped as if Cher was giving him a headache by the second. He was practically pushing her off him. "I'd really like to get together sometime," Then he looked up from her and saw Leon coming. He smiled so innocently then before he gave it all away, he bit his bottom lip.

Johanna noticed the attraction immediately as she watched. She pressed her lips together. "How about Anthony and I meet you and Leon for lunch, tomorrow."


"Yeah, I think we have lots of catching up to do." She smiled almost winking.

"OK, I guess." He looked at Leon. At least Cher's making over had subsided and she was off talking with Lux now about something slightly important, Johanna guessed. "Johanna wants us to go out to lunch with her and Anthony."

"Sweet." Leon smiled then looked at Johanna. "I can see why he pined so much for you."

"Thanks, I guess." Johanna smirked, thinking Leon possibly flirted with anything coming his way, even Drex, she supposed. Why did she feel the need to figure him out? She had to watch out for Drex. Certainly, his brother wasn't going too.


Hedwig fic said...

Oh yes, Leon is certainly a flirt: that's one of the reasons I love him! Can't wait to see what happens next! Now to check in on Leon! :)
great job!


autumn said...

i like what Johanna is thinking about at the last part. woot. lol.