a little faith

Johanna had decided his best way out was through the way he came.

"I'll just talk to them both in the kitchen." Yeah, that should do it. She thought. She have him her phone number so he could call, at least.

"But, we should just meet him head on. The two of us. I could fend for myself. What's he going to say to his brother? Really? We'll leave, Johanna. We have to leave together."

She could see he was as stubborn as he ever was.

"Well, then," she looked about the great room. "Couldn't we just stay another night."

"No." He winced. "We do it now."

Johanna felt so uncertain about this. This had been her home the last few days, weeks..maybe.

"And we have some place to go?"

"Well, there's Leon, but he's OK for a flatmate. You'll see. He'll help us. Please, you have to have a little faith here." His eyes opened wide. She knew he wanted her to do her part. And she would. She would.


UmassSlytherin said...

It's so great to read this in companion with Leon, it's like getting to be a fly on the wall in both places!

well done! :)

Cate said...

I should of course like it if they leave together. But it seems Johanna is a bit nostalgic...

autumn said...

everything will turn out right. hopefully. hehe.

Cate said...

I hope. I can't wait to see what happens next!!