on their way

Anthony just imagined them walking out. No one to touch them. They could do this. And it was all quiet.

Jonah was in his room. Drex was in his. All was clear. Wasn't it.

No, Johanna wouldn't have it that way. She went right up to Jonah's bedroom door and banged on it.

"What are you doing!" Anthony grabbed her away from the door.

"I have too, Anthony." Johanna huffed. "It must be done in order to be free."

She was standing up to him.

"I am going! I am free of you, Jonah! I don't care what you might try, but I owe you nothing!" She held her head high and she gave him a stern stare.

"What?" Jonah half way laughed at her.

Drex came out of his room to see what was up.

"Anthony has came for me and I'm going."

Anthony cringed a bit expecting a fight, but Jonah just gave him an odd look.

"I hope you have a horrible life!" And with that they were out the door and off to the elevator.


autumn said...

i hope they made a right decision. aww. good luck to them. *bite nails* lol.

Cait said...

oh Johanna, you are to be reckon with. indeed. heheeee...

UmassSlytherin said...

wow, what a drama queen! lol (j.k.)

awesome confrontation! well done, johanna! you go girl! :)

Sydney Speel said...

i love johnanna!

Sydney Speel said...

honestly, i sure hope some of the taffy rubs off on me...


Diana Coronado said...

Johanna, what many girls i know like her hehe

Cate said...

What a horrible guy, Jonah. Wishing them a horrible life. I bet he was surprised Johanna confronted him. I hope they have a WONDERFUL life.

And yeah, I'll major in Maths, but not in Music. I do Music only as a hobby. Thanks for asking. I so appreciate it when someone is interested in me.