where the pretty boys go

Anthony had butterflies just thinking about this job at Macy's. Of course, first he had to pass inspection with Lux over the whole ordeal of how he dressed.

"Metrosexual." She informed him, practically undressing him out of Leon's old clothes.

"What?" Anthony winced.

"You heard me."

"Well, if anyone should know the term it should be Leon and well, these are his things." He had his sweater. His jeans.

"He's a slacker," Lux rolled her eyes. "We'll have to put you in a suit. First day you have to make an amazing impression." She looked at him intently as she unbuttoned his shirt.

Anthony backed away. What would Johanna think?

"Style is the most important thing, Tony, right down to the socks."

"Underwear too?" Anthony nodded. "Maybe I should work on a ship or something."

"A ship? Are you out of your mind?" She gasped a bit with a giggle.

"What is this Macy's?"

"Tony, quit trying to play stupid with me," Lux sighed. "I'm calling my stylist right now. We'll have you ready in fifteen."

"I think I'm already supposed to be there." Anthony frowned a bit. He could see himself being fired the first day.

But before Anthony could make a move he was being forced into slacks, a rather dapper vest over a clean lined pale shirt and a tweed jacket.

"And do something with that hair, will you?" Lux informed the stylist. With that, it was pulled back into a neat ponytail.

"Now?" Anthony wanted out of here.

"Well of course, silly, we'll drop you off." And that they did. He was the last to show up in the group about to learn the ropes of how to greet a customer and of course, the test on how to fold shirts, properly.

Naturally, Anthony felt all thumbs. It felt rather ridiculous going through this sort of education, just to work the floor of not your everyday department store.

"You there," A matronly lady who looked to be the Macy's police pointed to Anthony.

"Yes." Anthony stood still like a deer in the headlights, thinking he was in the wrong, already.

"You are rather pretty."

"Pretty?" Anthony winced.

"You shall be our new perfume boy." The lady smiled.

Anthony just stood there wide eyed. "Perfume boy? Well, I'm hardly a boy, you see-I'm-"

"Shh!" She put her index finger on his lips. "Come with me if you want a paycheck, boy."

Anthony hushed then looking around at the others who were a bit peeved they weren't chosen. He'd so hoped he could have been the leader of the pack. Now he was a perfume boy. What did that mean?


autumn said...

hahaha. if Johanna is somewhat a li'l childish, then Anthony is kind of innocent. been @ Macy's before. so i could imagine him as perfume boy. lol.

Nisey♥Smooches said...

thanks but it won't be as good as yours lol :)

Anonymous said...

that is cool:) i liked the convo it was pretty funny