after dark

Johanna couldn't help but follow Drex up the stairwell there at the art department. She didn't know where they were going. She'd hardly had a chance to drink her coffee. Not that she'd wanted it. Not after the kissing and all the cuddling. It was all so intoxicating, and now they were in some sort of studio. And there was a futon in the very dim room. It was getting darker by the second, yet the street light glissened in.

They didn't talk. She knew if she did everything would stop. She didn't want it to stop. Not just yet. Maybe it was wrong, but she couldn't think that. She didn't feel that when she kept looking at his face and his smile. The touch of his skin. It was so easy to become a part of. ...This. Perhaps transforming into another world.

She'd been so sad and now so happy. What could take that away now? Really.

It was happening. Wasn't it? The touching. The kissing. Then the undressing part. Slowly, yet quickly as things progressed there on the futon. She wasn't nervous at all. It felt completely beautiful as it should be. It was as if they'd put each other in a trance. Not a thought of consequence prevailed. How come it felt so much like going home when she was with Drex?


lauren n laleh said...

Johanna..I bet Drex isn't going to sing to you...hahahaaaaa..

Cate said...

Johanna is so innocent - and yet so guilty.

autumn said...

i should have read this first. lol. i got really excited for them. aw. i love Drex so much. and i'm so happy for them. teehee.

ellie's kyle said...

Oh..johanna..what will anthony do now?