between the pages

Johanna felt a little lost at Drex's. She was in his room. Not her room. The room she remembered spending that time with Anthony. It was a faded memory now and she felt sad about it.

Still she wasn't sure why she was so overcome with bitterness when she saw him with Lux. It was as if she had no control over her mood. It just happened.

"Everything is just awful, isn't it." She couldn't help but weep from time to time. It just wouldn't stop.

"Don't say that, we'll be just fine, the two of us." Drex seemed quite sure of it. He kept his arm around her and he wanted her to see the positive side in all this. "We are together now."

So plain and simple she thought. And now she wondered who had they hurt. Did Anthony know yet just how much she'd hurt him? Perhaps he was swallowed up in the fear that he'd caused it all. A part of enjoyed that. Thinking it was better to blame him. Although, she had to face facts, he'd been attentive enough. Where would she be right now if he'd never taken her out of that asylum. Would she be a complete nutcase by now.

All these emotions kept swirling around her. She felt completely ill.

"Have you talked to Jonah about us?" She looked at him then.

Drex shook his head. Johanna frowned. Drex kept smiling and tugged at her chin with his index finger. "The world hasn't ended you know," He kissed her on the lips then. "Its just a new chapter."

"Yes, I know, but there I fear there are some chapters I know of that aren't quite happy as ours." She tried to smile then as he pushed his fingers back through her bangs.

"You can't dwell on those," Drex kissed her deeply then. Johanna hated the thought of what might unfold next.


Cate said...

Der, Johanna. Stop being so "Oh-I'm-so-cute-and-lost". If you feel lost at Drex's, well - don't cheat on and scream at Anthony.

autumn said...

hahahahaha @ cate.

anyway, she did it, i hope she knew the consequence of what she did. lol. if she would only say sorry to Anthony. sigh.