drownding now

When Johanna got back to the apartment, she was out of breath from all the running. She went to their room first. Thinking she'd see Anthony asleep on his back in a light snor. She thought of him laughing in his sleep. She remembered how ticklish he was.

But there was no one.

She stared at the empty bed. It almost took her breath. She squinted in pain then as she backed out of the room. Drex was there to catch her before she fell.

Johanna looked for signs. Something was wrong. Where were the signs to tell her what to really expect. She was trembling. She looked at Lux's door. Her eyes open wide. She couldn't listen to a thing Drex might be saying to her.

Slowly, she opened the door. And she saw them. He was with Lux. On her bed. Johanna felt bitterness coming up from her throat as is she might be sick.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" She gritted into a sour scawl.

"What?" Anthony squinted a surprised smile. He got off the bed. He was fully clothed. "What's wrong."

"YOU! HOW COULD YOU!" She was screaming but maybe not to him. Perhaps her self. Johanna began to cry.

"I was just giving her a back rub, luv," Anthony was startled by her reactiong, "Believe me if you'd had the kind of day Lux had, you'd need a good back rub to put you to sleep." He shrugged.

"NO." She shook her head, no. She couldn't believe him. She didn't even want to believe herself. "GET OUT!"

"But I've done nothing wrong," Anthony frowned.

"GET OUT! NOW! GET OUT!" She pushed him out of the room. "I CAN'T LOOK AT YOU!" She was trembling. Anthony couldn't even look at her. He choked on his words grabbing his jacket. "I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU EVER AGAIN!"

He just sort of nodded, grabbed his jacket and walked out the door.


Cate said...

OK, I now officially dislike Johanna. What a COW.

laruen n laleh said...

oh..Cate that's so good.

autumn said...

i want to slap Johanna for what she did in this story. i like her for Drex. but she's impossible. hmf. lol.