French Turkey

Lux was so in hopes Thanksgiving would be a lazy day. Anthony would be around, but he wasn't. He was working. It just seemed nonstop. He'd helped with getting ready for the Black Friday sale. Had scads of offers for Thanksgiving dinner and still he said he'd have none of that.

"What is the big deal about Thanksgiving, anyway?" He'd said in passing. And Lux had wanted to explain it to him, but she doubted it would do no good. Since he didn't exactly think of her family, anyway.

"I think he wants to go home," Leon had told her.

"But why? He couldn't have it any better. Doesn't he realise that?" Lux didn't like what Leon had told her. She had to find a way to make Tony stay. But how?

"Well, I'm going to make Thanksgiving dinner." She announced to both of them. "So you better be home tonight. Got it."

Of course, any other year she'd spend it down at the ballroom usually, helping feed the homeless. She felt a bit sad about that, but this year she was going to make an effort to do something on her own even if she had no idea how to make a pumpkin pie nor even a turkey.

"If you have anything to do with it, it'll be the worst meal ever, can't we just order out pizza?" Leon suggested.

"No. Its Thanksgiving." He was already putting her in a bad mood.

"Stop doing that," Leon teased about her frown. "You'll put wrinkles in your forehead."

"What should we do then?" She had bought all this food.

"Leave it to me." Leon rolled his eyes. "Well, French the turkey." He gave her an impish smile.


"By the time I'm finished with it, he'll want to marry you." Leon smirked as he got busy in the kitchen getting the turkey ready.

"How will you do that?" She put her hands on her hips and pursed her lips.

"First, we'll need an orange, lemon, an onion, a couple of cloves of garlic and a sprig of rosemary." It was as if he was ready to do surgery on the naked turkey. "You'll see. It'll be spectacular. And don't let anyone tell you its Italian. Because its not. Its French all the way."

Lux couldn't help but laugh. Although, she knew it would take more than a turkey to keep Anthony here.


Anonymous said...

Now that's sounds yummy:)

ellie said...

Lets hope Leon can save Thanksgiving.

Sydney Speel said...


Cate said...

I'm really curious whether Anthony will stay. - Hey, I bet Leon's kitchen is messy too - he seems to be pretty creative at cooking.

Cate said...

Arh no... I don't think Anthony and Leon should get together either. Anthony and Lux would make a better couple!