how could it be

Anthony felt numb, laying across his bed. It was getting late. This wasn't like Johanna to be out this long. She loved staying in. She loved TV. Especially, old show of That 70's show and new episodes of Gossip Girl.

This didn't seem real. Well, there was a whole lot going on that didn't seem real to Anthony. Perhaps his job was one of them. He was a bit depressed that he'd let some simple job like this get the best of him while he'd spent a large portion of his life living on the sea. He felt like such a simple man then. How did it get so complicated?

His throat was parched. He hadn't eaten. Then hearing news of how Leon had stirred up enough trouble between Lux's girlfriend and boyfriend left Anthony feeling out of sorts.

So now he knew the truth about the secretive job of Johanna's. She was displaying herself in the nude for others to draw what they would of her. It was a little hard to take, but it was her life and he couldn't force her not to endure every opportunity life might hand her. He could not stop her. And if he wished not to tell her, then he would have to deal. And he couldn't let jealousy invade his thoughts. He loved her, but did she really love him. Was it all about the money or was this just about her?

He hated things so complicated.

Anthony heard Lux's bedroom door closes then. He thought her heard her crying. Not so loudly, or such. Just murmers of something sad. Anthony chewed at the inside of his cheek just then waiting. Would this waiting ever stop? Was Johanna ever coming home?

Anthony got up then. He was drawn to Lux's murmers. Anthony knew exactly how she felt.


Cait said...

I feel bad for Anthony.

ivy fan fic said...

Oh, my..things are changing..aren't they?

Nisey♥Smooches said...

i hate it when i am numb becuz i feel paralyzed in a way :0

Cate said...

I agree with what you said in your comment to me - not so sure Anthony loves Johanna anymore.. And I also noticed that the story is called "ANTHONY luvs JOHANNA" and not "JOHANNA luvs ANTHONY". So was it coincidence that she was the one to be unfaithful?
Poor Anthony.

And thanks again for your comment. No, I didn't sing while my cousin played the piano.. But I'd've loved to. I love to sing.

autumn said...

i'm loving each story. woot. though i feel sorry for Anthony. everything gets complicated but i'm amazed that he's still trying to understand Johanna.

but i'm still excited about Johanna and Drex. can't wait for the next episode. weeee. lol.