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Anthony had walked hours in the cold before it dawned on him that he really had no where to go. Maybe he could sleep in the park. Although, it felt much better just moving. If he stood still then he knew everything was collapsing around him. Where did he go from here?

His heart ached and he was so lost now. He knew he'd never get back into Johanna's good graces after such a row. What was the point?

The tears he'd cried were so warm, and yet he felt they were just ice on his face. The only place he knew to go was Macy's. He still had a job. Perhaps a job he could hardly swallow and couldn't find near the benefits Leon had spoke of. But at least it was a place to go. He was snug in his anarchy A scully cap. Anthony presumed they'd want him in something different once he got on the floor.

But he managed to get to the breakroom for some hot coffee to warm him up. One of window-dressers was about still working on something spectacular for a Christmas display. "You should go for the cocoa," Davy told him. "Its a meal within itself." Anthony detected a hint of something British in his accent.

Anthony couldn't help but want to listen to him longer. He sensed home wondering if he couldn't go back in time, perhaps he should find a way back to England. Davy brought him a mug and sat with him.

"I know I dunno you, but you look like shit, man." Davy then confessed.

"Right, I'm haggard, been an ungodly long night." Anthony said sleepily.

"Well, you can't go on the floor looking like that, smelling rather ripe to, if you don't mind me saying."

"No." Anthony remained even lipped. "I guess they shall fire me then, reckon I'll be deported even." Anthony took a sip of cocoa. Everything was in the crapper as far as he was concerned.

"Where are you from, mate?"

"The Fleet street area." Anthony shrugged. "Sort of. I'd moved to the country before arriving here."

"I don't miss Hollyoaks at all," Davy told him. "Its a frightful mess. Not a job in sight. Tight places to live."

"Almost like here."

"No, its lovely here and you should stay in the states as long as you can. You can't go back, mate. For goodness sakes, you landed in Macy's. You have make something of yourself now." Davy insisted. "We'll, find you something amazing. Something all we'll want to wear."

"Just as long as it's not women's wear."

"Oh, don't you want the skinny look?" Davy laughed. They drank up then. Davy had to find Anthony something smashing to wear.


Cate said...

At least Anthony had somewhere to go. If only he knew what Johanna had done. It would make it easier for him to let go of her.

Kira Fashion said...

really amazing!

Thanks a lot for passing at my blog :)

a kiss!!

ivy fan fic said...

poor anthony.

ellie said...

I'm glad he made it to work. He'll figure it out. He's Anthony.

autumn said...

wow. Davy's so nice.