now that its done

Johanna felt as if she was frozen each time she had to go into a room full of students just to disrobe. She never looked at any of them. At least not their faces. The tops of their heads, perhaps, but mainly the ceiling.

It was all rather excruciating, emotionally. Oh, were they looking at each blemish, she supposed. This was all so brutal. Couldn't she be anything other than this.

"Why is this so hard?" It was late in the day when it was over and she was sure she needed to do something else. Something that wasn't so raw and quite tedious.

Thankfully, Drex could see what a wreck she was. He'd taken her out for lunch.

"Just hang in there a bit longer, all right." He promised he'd find her something in the paper, a better job.

"Anthony, will not be pleased," Johanna frowned. "How could I have done it?"

"Its not like prostitution," Drex assured.

"I know, but he'll never understand how hard this is for me. I don't know what to do? I don't understand a keyboard, nor a computer. I'm very ignorant, aren't I?" She melted into tears.

"Don't say that," Drex had cuddled her then and she felt better, perhaps too much better. She was sure Anthony would never ever be able to be this close to her again, once he found out what she'd done. And that's when she kissed Drex on the lips.


Cait said...

how could you!

autumn said...

she kissed Drex! woohoo. did i say i waited for this, didn't i? hahaha!

Cate said...

OMG.. This had to happen. But I think Drex is a better match for her in this situation. She needs someone experienced who can help her, not someone who is just as lost as her.