out of the ordinary

"All right," Anthony said he could stay for a little while. "I don't guess you need to be alone."

Lux leaned in then. It was a kissable moment, but he didn't.

"Let me rub your back," he suddenly said as if that was a good idea. He wasn't sure. "Maybe you'd like a bath instead. And, and you could talk to me about happier things. I could just listen. I wouldn't look. Honest." He was embarrassed to even say it. She could shout to him from while he was in the other room.

"Just how good are you with those back rubs," Lux wanted to take him up on his offer.

"Oh, I dunno. I used to give Johanna lots of back rubs where we used to work. She couldn't seem to sleep without them." Anthony was a bit coy with his answer but he remembered the rough times. It was hard work even then wondering if he'd ever be good enough for her.

"Well, if you could put me to sleep I'd ever be so grateful," she almost smiled. "I'll take a shower." Lux finally decided. "Promise I'll be right back and I won't fall in the tub."

Anthony tried to finish his tea while Lux was away. He rang Johanna, again. No answer. Probably on a shopping spree somewhere he suspected. Why was he so worried? He trusted her. Completely. But he hated this sense of falseness. Maybe it was himself he was worried about with Lux.

He couldn't dare let Johanna down now. Perhaps the back rub would be wrong. It was getting late. He should go to bed. Maybe he'd find Leon and see if he was OK. So much was going on in his head, and then he saw Lux in her big fluffy white robe. She was waiting for that massage. He guess he'd have to see too it.


autumn said...

i love back rubs, too. woot. have got no doubt that Lux might fall for it. hehe.

Cait said...

Yeah, a back rub could mean trouble..but hey, I love them too.

Cait said...

Yeah, a back rub could mean trouble..but hey, I love them too.

ivy fan fic said...

This looks like a set up to me.

Cate said...

I bet Anthony is being a bit coy with his answers. I would be too. I feel so sorry for him, telling himself that he trusts Johanna when in fact she's cheating on him.
But... I agree with Cait - the back rub could mean trouble.

Cate said...

Thank you for your comment! In fact I'm thinking of using one of the collages as my header.