the perfect boy

Lux rang Anthony's cell several time over the next few hours. She paced her empty apartment now wondering where he could be.

"Hullo." He finally answered. Immediately, she asked where he was.

"It doesn't matter, now does." He could barely get the words out.

"Come back."

"Can't." It sounded so final in his voice.

"She's not here, I told Drex to take her back to his place," Lux didn't want to tell him anymore. "I'm sure its just a misunderstanding."

"She doesn't have misunderstanding, Lux."

"Johanna just overacted," Lux promised. "Just come back."

"No, I don't have too," he told her.

"Just tell me where you are. I'll send a cab," she said.

"I don't need a cab," his words were sad. "I'll be all right. Honest."

"Tony, I'm not going to be all right if I know you're not here," she told him.

"Its OK, Lux. You'll be just fine. You always have." He hung up then.

Lux felt the warm tears surfaced. She hardly ever cried.


ellie's kyle said...

I love anthony. Lux does too. Maybe.

cait said...

anthony listen to lux. i hope he's all right.

autumn said...

Lux shouldn't insisted. Anthony needs time right now, i guess.