a song in his head

*It stays with you until
The feeling is gone
only you and I
It means nothing to me

This means nothing to me

Oh Johanna -

The music is weaving -
Haunting notes pizzicato strings

The rhythm is calling
Alone in the night as
the daylight brings a
cold empty silence
The warmth of your hand
and a cold grey sky

It fades to the distance.

The image is gone
only you and I
It means nothing to me

This means nothing to me

Oh johanna -

This means nothing to me

This means nothing to me

Oh johanna.

Anthony couldn't help but want to be alone after what Leon had told him. The truth about Johanna. He wanted to be so bitter and hit something, but he didn't. He just broke down and cried alone. Yet his head kept feeling up with music. He couldn't help it. He remembered the melody of the song from before back on Fleet St. and when he first saw her. Yet now the melody sounded like an opera gone wrong, perhaps.

Nothing would stay down. He thought he might be physically ill. Perhaps Johanna was really killing him. Slowly. Sadly. And above all cruelly, he imagined.

What was it with her bending the truth as she did? Making him feel incapable of real love when all along she was the one who was deprived of such a thing. What if she tired of Drex? Then what?

Anthony so much wanted to go in to hiding because he feared if he ever saw Johanna again he might turn in to a horrific monster.

*oh Vienna


Cate said...

I feel so sorry for Anthony. My head keeps filling up with music in all situations too, and I love the Vienna song. I think after all the Victorian London is a better place for Anthony than the present.

ellie's kyle said...

maybe anthony will comeback stronger than ever.

autumn said...

sigh. sigh. more sigh. feel sorry for Anthony though.

Sydney Speel said...

i liked that song so much!

maybe he'll come back more confident...

lonnie said...

so sad but you know I like it.

Karine said...



I really like your writing!

Sorry for being away for so long..I'm studing a LOT now.