today is more of tomorrow

"I don't know what to say," Lux blew her nose. "I just saw them, and-" She couldn't sit still, or so Anthony had noticed.

"Maybe its not what it seems," Anthony just said about the trist she had supposedly found the two in down at the ballroom which was actually just a bar for the most part.

"It looked very much as it seems," Lux winced, nodding as she reached for more tissue.

"Well, then, you have to brave," Anthony told her, he couldn't stand all her pacing so he embraced her and thats when she really let it out how she felt inside. The agony in her voice, the waterfall of tears. It was unstoppable. He wasn't sure if it were anger or sadness., but he hugged her until if finally subsided, but then he wasn't sure if she'd let go.

"Lie down for a bit, I'll make a brew, you need to rest." He told her thinking, maybe he'd wrestle up a sandwich or two from the kitchen. Maybe luck would be on his side, Johanna would come waltzing in about how she needed to be a model now, and all would be safe in the world.

But the kettle sang, cheese and cracker sandwiches were made with slices of apples. Time just seemed to be riding so slowly. He took the tray in to Lux and put it at her bedside.

She still had one arm over her face as she laid there still, slowly sniffing through tears. He noticed she hadn't even taken her shoes off. That alone would have brought Anthony to tears, her high-heeled pumps. He took off her shoes and served her tea. He added a bit of bourbon and lemon, something to help her sleep.

"I'm sure it'll be better tomorrow," Anthony told her

She shook her head while sipping the tea. Before he knew it, she was back to tears. He took the tea from her. Maybe a good back rub was just what she needed.

"Well, it would help, I'll go to Jonah. I'll let him know just how upset you are, and he should be ashamed of himself." He got up to leave, but Lux grabbed his wrist instead.

"Don't leave, me, please," Lux said.

Anthony bit his upper lip. He wasn't sure if that was a good idea, but as it was, Johanna wasn't home.


Cate said...

Oh Lux.. She seems such a sincere person. I like her.

I really scorn Drex and Johanna now, for hurting people like this. If Johanna came waltzing in now, going on about how she needed to be a model - I would probably shout at her in Anthony's place. Anthony seems so much more independent now he's taking care of Lux. If Johanna does come home and finds Anthony with Lux - well serves her right.

ellie's kyle said...

Oh..anthony..if you only knew..only knew...

autumn said...

poor Lux and Anthony. though i feel glad that they're together so as not Anthony worries too much about Johanna. sigh.