where the storybook ends

Anthony felt as if he'd fell into something majestic and cushy and had swallowed him whole perhaps.

It was just dinner, wasn't it? Lovely food. Excellent wine. The conversation really wasn't that bad. Honestly, he hadn't intended to enjoy himself. After all, it felt as if he hadn't slept in weeks. Possibly, just days. But work had taken him in. There was the parade. Then getting the store all ready so quickly. The rush of the holidays, he supposed in the city. It took his mind off things and then dinner.

Why had he? He shouldn't have stopped. He shouldn't have came home. Anthony was doing just fine, wasn't he? So yeah, there were moments he kept taunting at himself what had exactly gone wrong with he and Johanna. Obviously, it was never meant to be. He had to tell himself this at every turn. That he could let it so. Let it be. She had found happiness. Obviously. And if he did truly love her, and he did... He had to let go. Just let it fly away. Wasn't that what a cage bird would want? And that had been Johanna. So caged. And now free. He would be happy for her. He would. In all sincerity, he'd give it his best shot. Only he actually hadn't. And push come to shove, possibly not. Thoughts of her were thick as concrete in his head. Or were.

When he awoke it was like bouncing back from a dream. A deep dream. Colors that were golden and from a far off land. Maybe he'd never been here at all. Taken somewhere else, and Lux had lead the way. It was she who he had been with, and he knew it because she lay just so next to his chest. And he cringed to think, that it was beautiful. His eyes lit. Startled. He wanted to fall back asleep. And remember. He had too.

But what had she wanted with him, really? Revenge? Was that her nature? No, it was coming back slowly. She'd been crying. She kept saying, "Don't go. Please tell me, you won't go back in time. You wouldn't, would you?"

And then his smile quicken. She knew. She knew exactly what this was about. Didn't she?

"You know, don't you?" He shook her awake and saw she was a lot more undressed than he expected but so was he.

"Know what?" She murmured.

"Everything." He looked at her as if she'd best come clean if she wanted him around. "Be honest with me."

"I am," Lux promised, but she looked too hurt to smile.

"You know about the time travel business, don't you?" His brow furrowed.

"I wouldn't exactly call it a business. A science perhaps." She nodded pulling the covers over her.

"Well, then enlighten me," Anthony smirked.


shnoodlekiss said...

Love your blog. I have a blog too if you want to check it out.

another.ellie said...

what a wonderful surprise.

Jules said...

love it :D

ellie said...

now that's a twist.

Cate said...

I love this twist..
And also love you bringing back the memories on how it was back in Fleet Street, in that third paragraph. The thing about the caged bird really reminded me of the song Johanna sings in Sweeney Todd and her standing there at the window.
I have tried painting each nail half one colour and half another colour but I have never painted each nail a different colour! I have to try that for Christmas (I think I have enough colours..)

♥Mademoiselle♥ said...

this little twist/supris is a wowzer :)
i love the word majestic btw