gathering gold

Anthony was listening intently to Lux talk about Jonah and his family. The time travel orb was something of his great grandfather's that he'd kept in the family.

"Its not like he can use it for anytime period, just where you came from. I think. I don't even know if Jonah knows for sure. But its not like he can end up in the dark ages or with the dinosaurs, you know. It was just something of an antique and his grandfather noticed this energy about it. Says its something an old gypsy gave to him." Lux told him while she scrambled some eggs and made toast for them.

"So its a curse, perhaps?" Anthony questioned.

"No, of course not. Its just this energy that is like a path between here and there. I've never actually gone through it, but he's just talked about it. He was kind of drunk. I think its true."

"Does Drex know?" Anthony reached for a piece of bacon then that was already fried up.

"Not that I'm aware of. Jonah's really a private person."

"Of course," he bit into the bacon then. "I don't know why he thought he needed Johanna, though."

"Probably just an experiment of his." She served up breakfast then.

"Some experiment. Its changed everything for me," Anthony just sighed.

"But you really wouldn't want to go back, now would you?"

"I haven't decided. Its just I'm afraid he's taken Cher back there. And for what reason would he do that?" Anthony looked at Lux then.

"Possibly, to punish me," Lux sipped her coffee then.

"Punish you, its Cher I'm afraid for. She won't know what to do. They may put her away in the asylum ,already."

"The asylum?"

"Yeah, that's where the crazies go, they don't keep them on the streets like they do here." Anthony finished up raking the rest of the eggs on his fork.

"It sounds so ghastly," Lux winced. "Do you think you can find her?"

"I can try." Anthony nodded, but he'd need Leon's help.


Cate said...

Time travel is so exciting. I wish I could. I wonder now if anyone will go back in time, and if, who - now that I know that there are more people who can do so, except for Anthony and Johanna.

another.ellie said...

This sounds interesting.

Cate said...

Yeah, it would be so great if the story went back to Fleet Street!!!

Cate said...

Glad you liked the book review! Thanks for the comment.

♥MademLoveBug♥ said...

i tried to ryhme i was hoping it wasn't as bad as i thought it was ;)

Sydney Speel said...

sounds so cool!

yet, time travel scares the crap out of me!

ivy fan fic said...

I can't see what's next.

autumn said...

wonder where this is going. really interesting. hmmm.