about the trip

Lux was a bit timid when she knocked on Jonah's door. She didn't want to see him. Really, there was no time, she had to get back to Anthony and Leon before they left without her.

Drex answered the door.

"Just who I wanted to see," Lux said. "I need you and Johanna's help." She made haste to tell them about the situation at hand. How they were going back. How they were determined to find Cher.

"Why would Jonah do such a thing?" Drex just cringed.

"What is it you want from us?" Johanna didn't look so happy to her. "I'd rather have nothing to do with this. Its none of our concern."

Drex squeezed Johanna's hand just a bit. "We can help." He listened as she told him what Leon had discovered. How he wanted to help Cher. She gave him two orbs then.

"Just in case we can't come back, come for us." She nodded. "We'll have twenty-four hours." She needed them to come with her to where they were opening the wall to go back in time in the basement at the department store.

She could see Johanna tense.

"Maybe you'd want to say goodbye to Anthony," Lux then said to her.

"I dunno." She looked as if she could collapse.

"Whats wrong?" Drex looked at Johanna then.

"Nerves, I suppose." She held her stomach then as she ran to the bathroom to throw up.

Drex looked at Lux as if it was so unexpected. They waited. Time was ticking.

"Johanna, are you coming?" Drex called for her then.

"I can't," she murmured. "I'm sick. I'm really sick."

Lux and Drex went to see her hugging herself on the bathroom floor.

"I can't wait," Lux shook her head.

"I know." Drex was coming with her.


Cate said...

About "getting ready": I'm so excited! Anthony is finally going back to Fleet Street!!

About this chapter: Why doesn't Johanna want to help? I bet she just threw up for the effect of it, she's such a drama queen. Sorry, I have kind of an aversion against her ^^

ellie said...

Oh..johanna.....what shall we do with you?

Karine said...

Thanks for the comments!
You know I love your characters too,right?


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