getting ready

"So how did you do it?" Anthony asked Leon as he gave him the costume to get in to.

"You don't really want to know." Leon just squinted as if he had a lot on his mind other than the orbs and the thought of going back to Fleet Street for Cher.

"What did he tell you?" Anthony stared at him as if he had to give him some inkling as to what was about to come.

"Does it matter." Leon was sullen as he got into the pants and zipped them up.

"So did he say where she might be?"

"Not really?"

"We should force him to go with us." Anthony told him.

"Believe me, we'd be better on our own. Jonah cares for no one, but himself. Don't you get that?" Leon scowled.

"He's a lot like you, isn't he?" Anthony gave Leon a bit of a smile as he watched him tuck in his shirt and get into his vest and coat.

"Shut it." Leon looked away then. "Lets just do it, now." They were in the costume loft at the store.

"We have to wait," Anthony grabbed Jonah's arm then. "Lux is coming with us."

"Lux? Why?" Leon winced. "It'll just be more weight."

"She hardly weighs a feather, you know." Anthony told him.

"God, can't you see we have to do this quickly. The gate between here and there doesn't stay open forever."

"All right. I get it." Anthony's eyes lit. "How long then?"

"Twenty-four hours max."

"I really wish I was doing this just myself. I know where to go, you know. And if anything should happen, that's where I belong, all right." Anthony nodded putting on a cap as if he might be the artful dodger now.

"Its too late for that, mate. You belong here now. And so does Cher." Leon told him. Anthony gritted a smile then. He just wasn't so sure where he belonged.


Cait said...

aw..the artful dodger..cool.

I like Anthony...he's got an edge.

Karine said...

Very cool!

Thanks for the comments!

A big kiss!


ellie said...

I wonder how this will work out.

cady x said...

I like this story.

Sydney said...

ohh poor anthony.

another.ellie said...

I just hope the show gets on the road soon. Update.