its time

Seeing Drex with Lux was the last thing Anthony expected.

"Where's Johanna?" Anthony looked at the both of them. Could she not bare it? Did she hate him that much not even to wish him farewell.?

"She isn't feeling well." Drex kept his distance.

Anthony didn't want to ask what that was supposed to mean. He then saw Drex go to Leon then. It was as if they needed one final say. Anthony turned to Lux. "Will he help us?"

Lux nodded with a smile. "I don't know whats wrong with Johanna."

"Just a bug going around," Anthony shrugged. "Look, we have to keep together. We need to do this quickly as possible."

"Right." She nodded. He grabbed her hand. Then turned to Leon. "Come on, mate, we have to get going." But Leon didn't budge. He was in a deep conversation with Drex. It was Leon who had the orbs. Anthony hoped he remembered how to use them.


Cate said...

Maybe it's just as well that Johanna didn't come to say farewell to Anthony. Maybe now he will finally get over her.
I wonder what that conversation between Leon and Drex is about, and I hope it won't have any impact on the journey.

Sydney said...

that seems like it would be a bit awkward...