They were on the run from the get go.

Leon had tossed the ball of energy into the wall of the basement of the parking garage at Macy's. A wall had automatically opened up for them as a cave of light. It felt like forever to Anthony, but the next thing he knew they were on the other side and out a back alley near the square where it had all happened. The barbershop incident above the meat shop.

It was gray and dismal here. He told Lux to tie her bonnet down. Her hair shined like something of the future. He wasn't so sure anyone would take kind to that. He looped his arms around Leon and Lux as if they might be a threesome of some kind.

Hopefully, no one would suspect them.

"Why did you wear makeup?" Anthony whispered into Lux's ear.

"I didn't know." She breathed as if she wasn't sure she should.

Leon bent down and touched some dirt from the street. He smudged her face just a bit.

"I take it, we'd never be townies." Leon grinned looking around.

"You remember the address?" Anthony could only hope Cher was still there.

Leon gave him the paper it was on. It wasn't all that far from where he'd first seen Johanna. It was a classier neighborhood. Farther from the alley than he expected though.

"Do you thinks he knows what happened to her?" Anthony winced.

"He said he was just teaching her a lesson," Leon remained even lipped.

"A lesson? Humility or humiliation?" Anthony sighed as they walked through the throng of people. "Whatever, he's a bad seed. I wish he were here so we could tie him up and throw him to the bottom of the river."

"Shh." Lux tugged at Anthony. "Someone might hear you."

Anthony just nodded. It felt like an endless walk to get to the household Leon mentioned. But finally they were there. So pristine and white and clean. It positively glowed.

Anthony knocked on the door. A servant answered.

Anthony introduced himself and Lux as his wife and Leon as his partner. He made up something of his business and wondered if he could speak to the owner about it.

Naturally, they had to wait, but the butler let them in to the parlor. Someone would see them immediately which surprised Anthony. It surprised Lux even more that it was Jonah's mother who came down to greet them.


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