a chance perhaps

The phone number went through. No busy signal. No one came on to tell her it couldn't get through. She could here it go through. Lux waited. Another go. Then another.

"God, pick up," she whispered.

Anthony took a listen then. It was going through. Now if only Cher would pick up.

Finally a very weak, "hullo. hullo...."

"Cher!" Lux's eyes lit.

Leon looked around to see if a copper would be on a witch hunt with them if he found the device.

"Who's this?"

"Its Lux. Where are you?"

"I'm not sure. My-my battery is going."

"Just tell me something. Are you near any business. A fountain. The park. Something!" Lux looked around as if they might spot her instantly. Of course, she was no where.

"Meat pies." Cher sounded breathless.


"Meat pies."

And then nothing.

"I don't know what to make of it?" Lux looked to Anthony who didn't look too promising with his stare.

"I have a few idea." He sighed taking her hand then. "We'll have to hurry. Hopefully, she'll be by the barber shop." They had to move quickly then. Time was ticking.


another.ellie said...

finally! yeah!

ellie said...

I'm so happy to see a new post. Now if they can find Cher.

Anonymous said...


check it out:)

Cate said...

Meat pies? Hm, maybe she's at Mrs Moony's?
I think some cop on a witch hunt would burn them right away if they saw their mobile phones. I wonder.. Maybe in the Victorian time, the phones don't work so well!

Summer said...

Oh yeah,I'm happy to see a new post here friend..Just wondering if they're gonna find Cher..
Great post as always friend.Have a nice day.I hope you will write more..;D