the possibility

Anthony wasn't all that thrilled about meat pies. Last time he'd seen Fleet street had been rather ugly.

"I wish I could spare any of you," Anthony winced as they neared the barber shop and of course Mrs. Lovett's meat pies. "There was a tragedy here, you know. I thought I could trust the man who lived up there." He pointed to the barber shop. "But he was reeking havoc on his customers, evidently. Didn't know of his dark past really. It was quite bloody, indeed."

"Anthony, it doesn't matter now." Lux looked into his eyes so sweetly, "Cher's so close. She has to be near the establishment."

So they hurried. Ran in fact, hoping to spot her, but of course, there was no one. Quite a dreary looking place in fact.

"Perhaps she's been nabbed when they saw the cell phone." Leon mentioned.

"Possibly." Really, Anthony could see much hadn't changed. Mrs. Lovett's was boarded up. "We should have forced Jonah to come, you know. Made him find her for us."

"Obviously, we can't just go back now." Lux insisted. "We've made it this far."

It was then Anthony saw the girl in the distance selling flowers. It was hard to say if she were familiar or not. She looked quite pale and pitiful and her face was so smudged with ash and soot that it was true..she was just a beggar.

"Come on." Maybe there luck had changed. Maybe Cher was here after all.


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