in the dark

"Cher!" Leon called for her, but he got a dismal response. Instead she shouted out about the posies she had with her.

It was then when he got closer he saw what had happened. It was the fact that she couldn't see him. She'd been blinded.

Leon winced.

"Cher its me," Leon said. "Leon, I've come to take you home."

"Leon?" She almost smiled, but it was as if she couldn't be certain. She almost stumbled then, but he caught her.

"We've come to take you home." He told her.

She almost crumbled into tears then. Of course, it didn't help to have a copper approaching him. All Leon could think to do was run with her to the nearest alley and get back to another world.

Thankfully, Anthony stepped in and told the copper they'd been searching for his sister, and he believed him.

Leon sighed then. Somehow, he hoped he'd see his own bed soon, and he'd find a way to take care of Cher.


ellie said...

aw..poor Cher.

Cait said...

That is terribly bad about Cher.

the oaks said...

That's terrible about Cher.