up and down

It wasn't until they were back into the world they came from that they could actually figure out what was going on with Cher, but it was true. She was blind.

"Who would have done such a thing?" The thought of it made him sick. Jonah should have to pay for this.

Of course, both Leon and Lux got her cleaned up and settled with lots of chicken noodle soup.

"It was awful." Seemed to be all Cher could manage. "She didn't like me, you know."

"Who?" Anthony could only imagine one person.

"Jonah's mother. I'm not sure why we had to go there, really. It was like an experiment, I guess. And then I got lost and..and there were these people who thought were going to help me. Said I could work for them. I just didn't know-" Cher started to cry then. "We'll my eyes ever be better? Can they be repaired."

"We'll, get you to the doctor as soon as possible." Lux assured her. "I'll do whatever I can to help you."

Cher just nodded.

Anthony didn't know if there was a way to get to the bottom of this.


fan fic said...

Those cruel people.

kate and ellie said...

so sad.

Cait said...

I do feel for Cher.

e.l. said...

so sad. but i'm glad she's back home.