what now

Lux was up early looking at her watch. Naturally, Anthony was sleeping soundly and Cher was still resting too.

"Where is he?" No Leon, where had he gone off too? He said he was going out for a walk, but he never returned. Where could he be?

She decided to just go up to Jonah's. Someone had to be there. Possibly, she should have waited, but she couldn't. She wanted to get to the bottom of this with Jonah. Naturally, he wasn't there, just Drex and of course, Johanna.

Johanna gave her that bewildered look of hers. Lux wasn't buying it though. Something was up, she wasn't sure what. Perhaps Johanna hadn't been completely honest. She was in a rather large housecoat of some sort. Wasn't she suppose to be all sexy for her Drex? Lux imagined. Was there something she didn't want anyone to know. Possibly, even Drex.

"Well, we're back with Cher," Lux informed them. "But she can't see. She's blind.'

"Blind?" Drex blinked, a bit shocked. "How did that happen?"

"I'm not sure. She was a beggar of some sort on the street. It was horrible."

Drex just nodded as he brought Lux tea.

"You all made it back, didn't you?" Johanna questioned. "Anthony came back, right?"

Lux held her breath for a moment. "Yes," she finally said. "He's back. Back for good, I suppose." Lux wanted to put the time travel behind them. They needed to think of their future together. "Cher would have never gone there if it hadn't been for Jonah." She grimaced then.

"I know, I feel just awful about this, what can we do?" Drex then said.

"If you have nothing else to do, perhaps you could at least cheer her up. Let her know you're glad she's back." Lux suggested.

"I'll do that," Drex nodded.

"Yes, we'll come around when we can." Johanna grabbed Drex's hand as if he couldn't be too far from her grasp.

"Very well," Lux backed away ready to leave. "Do you know where Jonah might be by chance?"

They both shook their heads.

Lux remained even lipped. Perhaps Leon had done something to Jonah, but what? She bit her bottom lip then wondering where they could possibly be.


cait said...

I wonder if Lux will figure out Johanna's secret.

another ellie said...

Lux, she has this certain strength. I think. Even if she wasn't rich..she'd still have it.

sid and violet said...

I really like Lux. I hope she gets to the bottom of whatever with Johanna and Anthony won't want Johanna again.

Cait said...

Where's Leon..hmm..will she want to know??

Anonymous said...

Lux is so great, she has to be my favorite so far in this story, and thank you so much for the comment:)

e.l. said...

I do wonder if Lux will stick by Anthony's side. I think she will.