what she came for

When Anthony awoke, he saw Lux hard brought him tea. He was ravished indeed.

"How long have I been out?" He sighed as he sat up on his pillows in bed.

"Believe me, you've had a really good long sleep." She smiled setting next to him, handing his tea over as she loving brushed her fingers through his hair. For a moment, he thought he might be her baby the way she was around him. He couldn't help but grin.

"That long, aye?"

"I went to see Drex and Jo." She told him.

"Johanna?" Anthony sipped his tea.

"They haven't seen Jonah." She pressed her lips as if she thought the worst. "Leon never came back. I think he's done something to him."

"How dreadful." That was all Anthony could say of it.

"I just thought Leon would help with Cher, you know." Lux shrugged.

"And how is she?" He was in no hurry to finish his tea. Not even get dressed, especially as he looked over at Lux. Her hand was on his chest and her head edging his shoulder.

"She's gone off to a quality living facility. Rehabilitation, you know." Lux just nodded

"Already?" Anthony winced.

"Well, I can work fast when I have a phone at my fingertips." She kissed him then as if she couldn't wait a second longer.

"How true." He did believe she could be a miracle worker on occasion. "So you're saying, we are alone?"

"Precisely," she breathed in his ear. "All this time travel. I'm so worried it'll take a toll on you."

"Well, we can't have that, now can we?" Her arms were wrapped around him. He struggled to put the cup on the night stand. He'd hardly drank half a cup. It sloshed to the night stand as he turned and he kissed her lips then.

Of course, Anthony couldn't be sure if this was a lovely start of the day or the night. He stared into Lux's eyes. He knew then how it should be. No word of his past of Johanna to be spoken. After-all, Lux's hands were already on him, and he was certain now she was completely ravished when her lips met his and she kissed his chest, reaching for exactly what she'd came for.


sid and violet said...

Looks like Lux is taking care of anthony.

Ivyoaks said...

yes, indeed.

e.l. said...

hahaha..reaching for what she came for...oh, you are so naughty. hehehee..

Sydney said...

yay i love this special care from lux :)